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Physician Assistant: Is it your calling?

physician assistant
physician assistant
Elizabeth Nordman, PA

Elizabeth Nordman is a physician assistant (PA) that can do it all. Right out of training, she was part of the busiest orthopedic trauma service in town. Because she was smart, affable and able, she was given a great deal of autonomy in taking care of her patients and helping her supervising doctors.


Medicine can provide rewarding careers not only for doctors and nurses but also the position of physician assistant. While school can be expensive – upwards of $80,000 – a physician assistant like Liz can pay off those student loans thanks to a plethora of great-paying jobs.


The training and path to a degree is different for PA’s and nurse practitioners (NP) and they tend to gravitate to different areas of medicine. As discussed in the podcast below, PA’s often work in surgery and NP’s go into primary care or urgent care. The reason for this isn’t clear but they’re well-suited for their role. We hope you enjoy our discussion with Liz soon-to-be-Garrett!


Physician Assistant Liz Nordman Podcast

Find Liz on LinkedIn by searching Elizabeth Nordman and in a couple weeks, Elizabeth Garrett!


Listen to more of the BuildMyBod Health Podcast by clicking here.




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