For the uninitiated, BBL is short for Brazilian Butt Lift. Some think it’s only an operation for those starring in a J. Lo  or Pitbull video. “Butt” it can be appropriate for more patients than you’d expect.


Who’s a candidate for a BBL?

Due to popular culture, it’s not surprising most people think a BBL must result in a bootylicious derriere. But as the patient above in her 50’s demonstrates, it can simply offer a way to volumize the buttocks due to age. Similar to how women get breast implants and/or a lift, to restore their breasts to a more youthful position, the same can be done for the buttocks.


I recently had a patient that was worried about getting a BBL along with her tummy tuck and lipo 360 (liposuction to the torso). A Brazilian Butt Lift automatically includes liposuction to the torso so the question was, should she simply throw the fat away or inject it into her buttocks (a BBL).


Her concern was that if she had fat injected into her buttocks, that would result in a huge rear-end. Despite reassurances that we could inject as much or as little fat as she wanted, she still deferred the procedure. Unfortunately, she can’t decide later to get a BBL since we harvested all of her available fat during the tummy tuck and lipo 360.


Regardless, it’s important for each patient to make their own decisions based on accurate information. Cosmetic plastic surgery provides a buffet of options to the patients. Your plastic surgeon is simply your maitre d’!


To check pricing on a Brazilian Butt Lift from a doctor near you, click here.



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