App Gives Patients More Information On Plastic Surgeries





Claudine Chalfant, News 14 Carolina



CHARLOTTE — For longer than a decade, Linda Greenberg has stepped through the doors of Graper Cosmetic Surgery for skin care treatments. On this visit, she’s learning about a new app called Build my Bod, which shows plastic surgeons in your area, what services they offer and how much the procedures cost.


The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons reports that across the United States in 2010, doctors preformed more than 13 million cosmetic surgical procedures, up 5 percent from 2009.


“So education is helpful for getting patients what they need and stopping patients from getting what they don’t need. They have more efficient questions. They understand our answers better,” plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Graper said.


Graper is the first plastic surgeon in the Carolinas to offer the new app. He says patients can now see all the information online and make wise choices at home.


“It’s fascinating to me that I can do it in the comfort of my own home, kind of lay it out and see what procedure I want to get done this year versus next year,” Greenberg said.


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