Will my breast aug scars show if I wear a bikini?

With the incisions within the crease under the breast, they’re hidden by the breast and the bikini underwire as well.

Considering a breast aug but worried your scars will be obvious if you wear a bikini? Worry no more! Aside from multiple options for your incisions, if done appropriately, your scar should be well hidden. In the post below, you’ll see how all incisions will be hidden but you still have a choice and one may be better suited for you than another.




The best bikini incisions for a breast augmentation

When it comes to breast augmentation, you have three major options for the incision location. Around the areola, under the breast within the inframammary crease and through the armpit. Obviously the incision is well hidden if it’s far removed from the breast as is the case in the armpit. If you place the incision around the areola, the incision is well hidden by the fabric of the bikini itself but even if you’re at a nude beach, the scar may still be imperceptible. Why? Read on.


When the incision lies along the border or rim of the areola, this is a natural junction between the normal breast skin and the highly pigmented areola. An incision lying within this junction is well camouflaged since the pigment transitions at this point. So even on a nude beach, your incision won’t be so obvious.


If you place the incision under the breast, within the inframammary fold, which happens to be the most common breast aug incision, the incision is hidden. It’s hidden not only by the overhanging breast but if you doctor just a great job of placing the incision within the fold under the breast, it will be covered by your bikini underwire. In women that have a very well defined inframammary fold, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re not sure, as your plastic surgeon.


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