Why the Skinny BBL Version of the Classic Surgery is the New ‘it’ Procedure


A new take on the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an iteration known as the Skinny BBL, creating more natural-looking results. Fat is still the key augmentative element here, but the way surgeons harvest and inject it is different from what most of us have come to know.


Typically, during a BBL, fat is liposuctioned from ample areas on the body. The typical harvesting areas are the thighs and stomach (although plastic surgeons can take fat from pretty much anywhere on the body). This novel iteration uses half or a little less than half the fat used in a traditional BBL before injecting it into the butt.


Ideal for thinner patients with less fat to harvest or those who aren’t candidates for a conventional BBL, the Skinny BBL gives a more subtle, natural enhancement. It modestly tweaks the shape of the buttocks, too. So if a significant increase in size and a different shape—essentially a new butt—is what you’re after, stick to the traditional procedure. But just a bit of a booty pop or filling in the hip dips is what you’re after, then consider the skinny BBL version.


Written by Elise Minton Tabin

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