Wearing makeup after blepharoplasty

makeupAn upper or lower eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty is a great procedure. Great because patients can get immediate results, minimal bruising or pain and get back to wearing makeup and an improved appearance in no time.


If you’re having skin removed from the upper lid or fat removed from the lower lid, these procedures are particularly conducive to getting back to your normal routine ASAP. For example, with an upper lid lift, only skin is removed. Some doctors put one simple stitch along the incision that can be removed by the patient 3 days later on their own, at home! Regardless of when you remove the stitch, applying makeup isn’t necessarily a problem but confirm with your doctor first.


When it comes to the lower lid, a little more clarification is needed. If simply removing fat from the lower lid, this is done from the inside of the lower lid without any incision on the skin. Because there’s no incision on the skin, wearing makeup here isn’t a problem either. But in some cases, skin is also removed from the lower lid and this can lead to scarring and retraction (pulling down) of the lower lid which is called ectropion. While this is a real risk, it isn’t caused by the application of makeup so if your doctor says it’s ok, go for it.


Upper Eyelid Lift Surgical Video


Here’s the final results of the patient in the video above.

Before and after Asian blepharoplasty.


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