Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015

victoria's secret
Kendall Jenner in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Courtesy of E!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was taped last night and will air December 8th on CBS at 10pm EST. All beautiful women with no need for plastic surgery or physical self-improvement. They’re anomalies of nature for sure. Of the 20,000 or so genes in our bodies, they got the good ones when it comes to looks!


But that doesn’t mean we should all feel inferior. We have about as much control over not having the looks of a model as they do for having them. I know we blame society for the pressure to emulate or look like these people but we can’t hold ourselves to that expectation. It’s not society’s decision, it’s ours.


Now, as a plastic surgeon, I’m not saying we shouldn’t bother to improve our looks if that’s what we want. However, what I am saying is that if you want to remove some wrinkles with Botox or Xeomin, or remove a pocket of fat with CoolSculpting that we can’t get rid of even though we exercise, then why not? Technological advances in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine allow us to address concerns with minimal downtime and maybe even without surgery.


So don’t have a surgical or non-surgical improvement to look like these models because no matter what, you won’t look like them. Have plastic surgery for you, for your sense of well being, for your self confidence, not anyone else.


And if you’re looking to have a surgical or non-surgical pick me up, click here to find a board certified doctor and the cost of those services.



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