Liposuction isn’t always enough

This patient had neck liposuction and a chin implant.

Liposuction is a powerful tool in contouring the body. But in certain situations, it just isn’t enough. As seen in this patient to the left, she underwent liposuction to the neck. Her jawline and neck look great. However, something is missing if only liposuction was performed.


Luckily for this patient, she had a chin augmentation as well to complement her neckline. A recessed chin, also known as a “weak” chin, can appear more prominent with liposuction alone, but an optical illusion can only take you so far. So in her case, she wanted a stronger chin and elected to have an implant placed for this purpose. As demonstrated, the implant really complements her neck liposuction and streamlined neckline.


Just as a chin implant can improve the appearance of the neck after liposuction, this holds true with other procedures as well. For example, liposuction may reduce the amount of fat in the abdomen, but if you have loose skin, liposuction will potentially make it worse. That’s why a mini tummy tuck or even a full tummy tuck is often required to remove the extra skin. So instead of a thin abdomen but unattractive hanging skin with liposuction alone, the removal of the excess skin will give you a more svelte look!


The other aspect of this procedure that impresses me is the suggestion of weight loss. Sure liposuction removes fat but certainly not pounds of fat from the neck. Still, the patient looks so much thinner and lighter based solely on the improvement in the neck line due to lipo and the chin implant.


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