In Venezuela, only the mannequins can get a boob job!

boob jobVenezuela, a socialist country in South America that you would think is focused on socialist values is actually very focused on women’s beauty. For that reason, it’s one of the busiest countries when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Women want a nip or tuck and even a boob job for their 15th birthday! As I mentioned in a previous post, the obsession with large boobs is evident even amongst their mannequins!


Shortage of Breast Implants (and boob jobs) in Venezuela


But with problems with their currency and overall economy under a socialist regime, plastic surgery practices are having trouble importing FDA-cleared breast implants. Because the quality control of FDA-cleared implants is unsurpassed, women are settling for less expensive implants for their boob job that may not stand the test of time.


Even if the doctor has FDA-cleared implants from the US, they may not have the correct size for the patient. Which naturally leads the patient to go to the next bigger size for their boob job!


While a shortage of breast implants, with its increased risk of getting shoddy alternatives, isn’t the greatest hurdle facing Venezuela, it does make for an odd human interest story!



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