Unorthodox: The Nose Job Episode

nose job

nose jobLast week, I had the pleasure of discussing rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, with the hosts of Tablet magazine’s Unorthodox podcast. Episode 117 was aptly named, The Nose Job Episode.


The Nose Job Episode

You’re welcome to listen to the whole episode or you can tune in at the 39:50 mark and listen to our discussion. We discuss the two primary operative approaches to rhinoplasty: open vs closed.


Other hot topics were the use of social media to educate the public on surgery they’re considering. And we talk about the requests by patients to look like their favorite celebrity as well as liquid nose jobs.


Lastly, we get a chuckle out of the common euphemism for nose jobs. Patients often say they’re getting their deviated septum repaired instead of admitting to a nose job.


Enjoy the podcast and check pricing from a doctor near you by clicking here.



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