Transgender surgery and the Doubtfire house [podcast]

Dr. Ousterhout, pioneer in facial feminization surgery

Meet Dr. Ousterhout, the world’s most interesting man! Dr. Ousterhout is a plastic surgeon that developed the specialty of facial feminization surgery for transgender patients. Essentially, he has helped men making the transition to women look more feminine.


In the podcast below, you’ll hear how Dr. Ousterhout reduces the height of the forehead, decreases the size of the nose and feminizes the jawline. While many think that the transition for a transgender patient is all about the genital surgery, the female characteristics of the face are just as or even more important.


Aside from facial feminization surgery, he started his own brand of wine, Ousterhout Wines, after buying land in Northern California that already had grapes on it! Even the logo on the bottle represents an instrument he uses in surgery to confirm the golden ratio in his patient’s facial proportions.


Lastly, when the house where they filmed Mrs. Doubtfire went on the market, he thought, who better to live there than him! All this and more in our discussion with Dr. Ousterhout below.


Transgender Surgery and Dr. Ousterhout Podcast


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