‘Tis the Season to Schedule Plastic Surgery!

With the arrival of October 1st, we officially kick off the holiday season! Wal-Mart has Christmas trees for sale and Walgreen’s is flush with Halloween candy. And with holiday season, comes one of the two most common times of year when patients want their cosmetic plastic surgery.


plastic surgeryAfter six years of being in plastic surgery practice, I’ve noticed that everyone wants their cosmetic surgery around the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s Holidays or they choose the Springtime for their makeover. The reasons are simple. With the major Holidays of the late Fall/early Winter, consumers have some time off around Thanksgiving and Christmas that make it easier to recover. Also, during the Winter, you’re more likely to be inside, out of the sun.


The Springtime is also another great time of year to have your cosmetic surgery. For one, many have received their tax refund checks and we want to take part in that very American pastime of spending money rather than saving it! But the other benefit of having your surgery in the Spring is that you have time to heal so you’re ready for the beach and bikini by the time Summer comes arrives.


But don’t forget that with the arrival of October, other patients are also considering and booking surgery, so don’t wait. There’s often several weeks between the time you have your first consultation and your surgery date so you need to be scheduling your appointment and surgery before the rush. Before you know it, all available surgery slots will be filled. Hopefully you’re looking to have a board-certified plastic surgeon provide your cosmetic surgery so look here to find a real cosmetic surgeon and check pricing too.



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