Thigh Lift vs Thigh CoolSculpting

Notice the improvement in the thigh gap (less fat, more space in between the thighs) after one non-surgical treatment with CoolSculpting




As non-surgical options become more commonplace, it’s possible to consider treatments other than just surgery for the inner thighs. It comes down to a few things. Your expectations. Aversion to surgery. Cost. Downtime. In other words, if you want to avoid “the knife,” then CoolSculpting will do the trick. If you want very dramatic results and don’t mind a week or two of downtime, then surgery is appropriate.


Pros and Cons

CoolSculpting will consistently reduce the fat layer by 25%. This may be enough for you. This is really a great improvement considering there’s no needles, no sedation required, no downtime. You literally can go exercise after treatment. And treatment can be done while you’re lounging back, reading a book or drinking your coffee. But if you don’t have reasonable expectations and think that CoolSculpting will give you the same results as liposuction, you may be disappointed.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for dramatic results, consider liposuction. It may be more invasive but results are the primary goal here. And don’t forget about the skin part of this equation. While fat is a major component to thigh contouring, you still must address any excess skin, which could be made worse by liposuction alone. In this case, for thighs with excess fat and/or excess skin, it’s important to consider the option of a thigh lift. A thigh lift is performed by making incisions in the groin or along the length of the thigh to remove sagging skin. Liposuction/fat removal can be done at the same time.


What’s right for you

Talk to your plastic surgeon to see what’s right for you. I don’t believe they’ll just try to upsell you. I believe they’ll recommend the option that is safest for you while providing the results you want. That’s an important key – explain to your doctor what you want and they can help you make the best decision based on your concerns.


For example, if your biggest concern is downtime, then they may recommend CoolSculpting. However, if you have a lot of areas that you want treated with CoolSculpting, that may actually be more expensive than liposuction. At which point, your doctor should recommend a surgical option because 1) it will provide more aggressive results and 2) it may be less expensive than multiple CoolSculpting treatments.


Do your homework and find a board certified plastic surgeon in your neck of the woods by clicking here. You can check pricing there too!



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