Breast Augmentation through an Armpit Incision

breast augmentation
Before a breast augmentation through an underarm incision

After researching breast augmentation, you probably noticed many ways to have a “boob job.” Either through an incision under the breast crease, through the nipple/areola and maybe even through the navel…another option is to have a breast augmentation through the underarm area, or more crassly known as the “armpit.” The technical name for this procedure is a transaxillary breast augmentation!

How big can you go?

breast augmentation
After a breast augmentation through the underarm using a 275cc implant.

This is a great option for patients that have reasonable expectations. Since the incision under the arm or in the armpit is somewhat small and the incision is further away from where the implant will ultimately sit, the implant has to be relatively small. Relative is a relative term! While some patients may want 400cc implants, that’s a bit too big to push an implant of that size through an armpit incision and get it down into the breast.


Who’s a good candidate for a breast augmentation through the armpit?

For patients that want an implant on the smaller side, 200cc-350cc, an armpit incision can have wonderful results. Also, it’s important that the patient doesn’t have any ptosis, or sag, to the breast. Since too much droop requires removal of excess skin or a very large implant to correct, the patient must have appropriately shaped breasts, to be considered for a breast augmentation through the underarm.


How much does it cost?

If you’re interested in how much a breast augmentation through an underarm incision will cost, you can click here to find a plastic surgeon near you.



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