The Yoga-instructing Child Life Specialist! [podcast]

child life specialist
child life specialist
Rakhi Kreymerman, a child life specialist, with her family.

Have you ever wondered how children cope with being in a hospital due to their own illness or because of a parent’s sickness? Coming out of an emotionally and possibly physically traumatic experience relatively unscathed is due to the work of a child life specialist. Our guest today on the BuildMyBod Health podcast, Rakhi Kreymerman, is a child life specialist that has worked at Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Rakhi moved to the US from India when she was 12 years old. I challenge you to hear an accent in her voice! In her interview, she discusses her path to choosing and becoming a child life specialist due to experiences in her own life.


Hear her stories of difficult situations between patients and parents. For example, how do you handle a situation wherein the child is dying but the parent requests that you don’t tell them? It’s not an easy answer. While many of the cases that she worked on may be the typical “bread and butter” situations, she accepted the challenge of working with kids with illness or grieving over a sick parent.


Not to rest for even a second, Rakhi has moved on to becoming a certified children’s yoga instructor. Don’t think being a child life specialist and a yoga instructor have anything in common? Listen to the podcast below and the connection will become very clear.


Child Life Specialist Podcast


child life specialist
Rakhi teaching children’s yoga.

Check out this photo of Rakhi teaching children’s yoga in North Carolina! For more information, email her at or send her a message through the comments sections on


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