Convincing Patients to Utilize Your Weight Management Program

Weight management programs are proven to be a successful method to lose weight. If you have already integrated a weight management program into your practice, you are clearly aware of this reality. However, your patients may not be. It is important to understand how to effectively share the benefits of weight management programs in a […]

Weight Management Programs: The Ultimate Win-Win

Weight management programs are highly sought-after solutions provided by medical professionals to help patients in reaching their weight loss objectives and inspiring a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. These programs are extremely valuable for individuals who are able to achieve long-lasting results that would have been difficult to attain on their own. As medical professionals, establishing a […]

If providers weren’t convinced before, the Change Healthcare cyberattack should convince them to start a cash-based weight management program [video]

Change Healthcare

If you as a provider weren’t already “over” health insurance reimbursement, maybe the Change Healthcare cyber attack will push you over the edge and force you to make a “change” in your practice.   The Problem with Insurance-based medical practices Since Change Healthcare is an intermediary between your EMR’s billing system or the patient’s insurance […]

What is a Turnkey Weight Management Solution and Why is it the Best Option for Your Practice?

It has been well established that weight management programs are extremely beneficial, not only for the patients who find amazing success meeting their goals, but for the practices and medical spas that implement them. These programs help patients find accountability, develop knowledge, and implement discipline through a program designed by experts that can help with […]

Setting Up a Weight Management Program for a Medical Spa Practice

Weight management programs are increasingly popular programs offered by medical spas that can help patients to achieve their health goals through a structured, medically backed solution. While these programs are obviously extremely beneficial for patients that partake in them, they also offer major benefits to the medical spas that bring them into their practices. According […]

5 Reasons Why Your Practice Needs a Weight Management Program

Weight management programs are popular solutions offered by medical professionals that can help patients achieve their weight loss goals and promote a healthy overall lifestyle. These programs are invaluable to the individuals that achieve long-lasting results they could not have otherwise achieved on their own. Programs help establish accountability, lend knowledge, and establish discipline to […]

How do I know if tirzepatide will work for me: 7 factors

seven factors to increase weight loss with tirzepatide

An analysis of four studies conducted by Eli Lilly, the maker of Mounjaro and Zepbound, found seven factors that were significantly linked with ≥15% weight loss when taking their blockbuster medications. According to this Medscape overview, Investigators conducted a post hoc analysis of data collected from a total of 3188 people with type 2 diabetes […]

What are the options for sending weight loss meds to patients

bottle of compounded semaglutide

You’ve started a weight management program (WMP) in your practice, you’ve established a relationship with a compounding pharmacy that offers injectable semaglutide and tirzepatide and they’re licensed in your state. You even have patients that have completed their lab work and signed up for the medications. But how do get the meds to them? Here […]

10 Reasons Every Practice Should Add a Weight Management Program

weight management program

1. Increase your patient base: Adding a weight management program to an aesthetic practice can help attract a new population of patients who are looking to improve their appearance and health through weight management. If your current practice offers weight loss surgery, then you already realize not every potential patient is a good candidate right […]

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