10 Reasons Every Practice Should Add a Weight Management Program

weight management program

weight management program1. Increase your patient base: Adding a weight management program to an aesthetic
practice can help attract a new population of patients who are looking to improve their
appearance and health through weight management. If your current practice offers
weight loss surgery, then you already realize not every potential patient is a good candidate right
away. Adding a non-surgical weight management option is a great alternative to allow
you to serve even more patients.


2. Increase revenue: Offering weight management services can help to generate
additional monthly recurring revenue for the practice. Patients may be willing to pay for
the extra services if it’s more easily accessible than going through insurance since
many of these medications are on backorder. Utilizing a compounding pharmacy avoids
those roadblocks.


3. Expand services: Adding a weight management program gives patients more options
when it comes to their health and appearance goals. Offering a comprehensive
approach to improving health and aesthetics can help to attract and retain both new and
existing patients, especially if they’re not willing to move forward or are not a candidate
for surgery.


4. Improve Patient satisfaction: Having a weight management program can help to
improve client satisfaction, as clients may feel more comfortable in a practice that offers
more comprehensive services, opening the door for them to try other products and


5. Improve patient outcomes: By offering a weight management program, patients will
lose weight and more likely to achieve their desired surgical goals. This can help to
reduce the risk of complications that can be associated with weight loss and cosmetic
procedures. By offering a weight management program, patients can achieve desired
results more quickly and effectively.


7. Enhance the practice’s reputation: Having a weight management program can help
to enhance the reputation of the practice, as it shows that the practice is dedicated to
providing comprehensive care for its clients. Becoming a trusted provider in your area
because you offer a solution for everyone will only help you attract more patients.


8. Improve health outcomes: Weight management programs can help to improve the
overall health of patients, avoiding hypertension or type 2 diabetes, which can lead to
improved quality of life.


9. Increase referrals: Offering a weight management program can increase referrals
from your existing patients, which will help build relationships with other potential
patients around you. Plus, by creating trust within your network of patients, you can
decrease unnecessary marketing costs.


10. Improve staff morale: Having a weight management program can help to motivate
staff to provide the best care possible to their patients. This can lead to improved
morale and job satisfaction among staff members.
With newer, safer and more effective medications now available for weight
management, every provider should consider implementing a weight management
program into their practice to help patients that may not yet be a candidate for body
contouring surgery.


How to Start a weight Management Program?
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