Setting Up a Weight Management Program for a Medical Spa Practice

Weight management programs are increasingly popular programs offered by medical spas that can help patients to achieve their health goals through a structured, medically backed solution. While these programs are obviously extremely beneficial for patients that partake in them, they also offer major benefits to the medical spas that bring them into their practices.

According to studies and analysis done by the CDC, over 70% of adults are classified as either overweight or obese. This means that the market for weight management programs is likely to reach well over 50 billion dollars. The demand for such programs has never been higher, and adding a program to your practice can help you stay at the forefront for providing weight loss solutions to your patients. It can also help you to add some significant revenue to your business and establish your medical spa as a trustworthy leader in weight management.

Getting Started

To successfully start a weight management program that complies with state regulations, medical spa operators must familiarize themselves with the specific rules and guidelines governing this type of healthcare service.


Each state has unique regulations when it comes to how you distribute medications to patients. Whether the patient is required to come into the office or whether you can ship the meds to the patient will make a big difference in how you scale your weight management program. In most states, the med spa can send the medications to the patient’s home, which is a major patient satisfier, rather than making them come into the office.

Of course, some spa owners would like patients to come in to increase foot traffic to sell other services. But if you make it easy for the patient, they will be returning to the med spa for other services regardless! For more information about the laws in your state in regards to shipping medications directly to the patient, see contact information below.


It is important to have qualified support staff that have weight management knowledge, certification, and training. These are the people that will be helping your patients achieve their weight loss goals through individual treatment plans, answering questions, and will ultimately reflect on your medical spa practice as a whole.

Starting with your existing staff is adequate. But as you gain more patients in your weight management program, you will have the opportunity to hire more staff as needed. Don’t feel the need to hire new staff from the get go.


Most weight loss programs include at least an option of drug therapies that may include weight loss or appetite suppressant medications, such as the increasingly popular semaglutide. Be sure you have a license in the state where you’re seeing patients virtually or shipping medications. However, if you have a patient you’ve seen in your state and they happen to be out of state one month for the shipment, that is allowed to ship medications to them since you already established a relationship with them in your home, licensed state.


Most state regulations have little to no concern about how you market your weight management program. However, some research may need to be done to understand how certain platforms allow you to market. Entities like Facebook sometimes ban certain keywords when it comes to medical advertisements. This could include avoiding phrases such as “this is a miracle cure.” Sufficient research may need to be done by your practice, or you may consider hiring an outside company to do the research and marketing for you.

One important pitfall to avoid is using the trademarked names Ozempic and Wegovy as part of your marketing efforts. For example, if you are offering semaglutide and tirzepatide (the active ingredients in Ozempic and Mounjaro respectively), do not advertise the you offer the “compounded version of Ozempic.” This is trademark infringement and you will be sued by NovoNordisk. Better to say you “offer the compounded version of semaglutide, the active ingredient found in Ozempic.” All true, all accurate. Not illegal!

Is a Medical Weight Management Program Right for Your Medical Spa?

If you are willing to go about the process of starting a weight management program correctly, the answer to “is it right for me?” is almost always “yes.” By incorporating a weight management program, you can establish a strong presence in this rapidly growing market and meet the growing demand for effective weight management solutions. Capitalizing on the current health and wellness trend, there really are no downsides to offering a reliable and respected program to help customers achieve their weight loss goals.


Contact BuildMyHealth Today

Weight management is a consistently thriving industry, projected to reach a market value of billions of dollars worldwide soon. By implementing a weight management program, you can establish a solid presence in this rapidly expanding market and meet the increasing need for efficient weight management solutions. Take advantage of the current health and wellness trend by providing customers with a dependable and reputable program that can assist them in attaining their weight loss objectives.

Our weight management program is supported by thorough research, expertise, and a proven track record of success. By obtaining a license for our technology, you will have the opportunity to access a comprehensive and well-rounded program that has already proven its efficacy in assisting individuals in attaining sustainable weight loss.

Instead of incurring the expense and dedicating time to create your own weight management solution, you can utilize our established program to promptly deliver value to your customers.

We also have the capability to connect you to our extensive network of compounding pharmacies throughout the country, that have access to semaglutide, tirzepatide, and liraglutide.

Let BuildMyHealth do the work for you. Then, you can reap the benefits by providing an effective solution to your patient base, helping your practice be more effective in the process.

To find a provider near you with these medications, please visit and if you’re a provider looking to implement a weight management program into your practice, request an account here.


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