Who needs Yelp when you have this patient testimonial!


Sure patients review Yelp but you know what’s more effective than words? A picture…or in this case a video! We had a previous one-of-our-favorite patients come in the other day and she made herself even more endearing. When we asked if we could record her postop examination that day for our Snapchat story, she did […]

Thigh Lift vs Thigh CoolSculpting

      As non-surgical options become more commonplace, it’s possible to consider treatments other than just surgery for the inner thighs. It comes down to a few things. Your expectations. Aversion to surgery. Cost. Downtime. In other words, if you want to avoid “the knife,” then CoolSculpting will do the trick. If you want […]

CoolSculpting Your Thigh Gap Away!

By now you’ve heard of the non-surgical fat reduction technique called CoolSculpting. One of the things that separates CoolSculpting from all other non-surgical fat reduction treatments is that it works! And not only does it work to non-surgically reduce pockets of stubborn fat in the abdomen or love handles but it can also give you […]

Thigh Gap – Old Problem, New Name

I’m always amused by what things become the hot topic of the day or week, even if it’s nothing new. All it takes is for someone to place a new catchy name on whatever the “it” topic is.  And so it goes with “thigh gap”!   Thigh gap is the term used to describe the […]

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