CoolSculpting Your Thigh Gap Away!

By now you’ve heard of the non-surgical fat reduction technique called CoolSculpting. One of the things that separates CoolSculpting from all other non-surgical fat reduction treatments is that it works! And not only does it work to non-surgically reduce pockets of stubborn fat in the abdomen or love handles but it can also give you back your thigh gap!


thigh gap
This is an example of thigh gap achieved via liposuction. Liposuction can still be used to attain your goals but now you have an additional non-surgical option by way of CoolSculpting.


You can read more about thigh gap here but essentially your inner thigh fat, as it enlarges, can begin to touch the other inner thigh skin, eliminating your thigh gap. In other words, a thigh gap is good! It means you have slender inner thighs that aren’t touching each other. Sometimes the thigh gap is obliterated by excess skin or excess fat. In the case of excess skin, a thigh lift may be appropriate for you. But chances are, your inner thighs can be adequately treated by non-surgical means. And that’s where CoolSculpting comes in.


CoolSculpting is pretty much what we’ve all been waiting for, we just didn’t know it would be called CoolSculpting. For years, different companies have been promising non-surgical treatments for various things. Botox/Xeomin finally met our needs when it came to non-surgical treatment of wrinkles and now CoolSculpting actually produces the results it promises for non-surgical body contouring.

thigh gap


By applying the CoolFit suction applicator to the inner thighs, CoolSculpting can freeze the fat in your inner thighs, thereby killing those fat cells. The fat is then reabsorbed into your body over the course of several weeks. Before you know it, you’ll see a thigh gap again! The treatment takes a total of 2 hours and when you start to see results, you’ll be a believer. As long as you’re satisfied with the extent of your results, you don’t need further treatment. Said another way – you will see results, but that may motivate you to want even greater results and in that case, you can choose to get treated again. But that’s not always necessary – everyone receives a customized treatment plan.


To find a doctor near you that provides CoolSculpting click here.





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