The Mini Necklift!

If you’re the right candidate, you can get a necklift without the big painful scars behind the ears! It all breaks down like this: depending on what’s “wrong” with your neck – excess skin, excess fat or a lax neck muscle (platysma) – will determine which procedure is best for you.   Which necklift is […]

Why price is the pain point in 2016

This new year, 2016, is the year when consumers will recognize that price is the pain point in healthcare, just as it is with any other purchase. For far too long, healthcare has been immune to the normal market trends of price transparency and online purchasing.   The cost of healthcare wasn’t as great a […]

Why eye creams won’t remove your undereye bags

I know you don’t want surgery but when it comes to undereye bags, eye creams aren’t gonna do it! Of course you’re thinking that it’s no surprise a plastic surgeon is encouraging you to get surgery but when you understand what causes undereye bags, you’ll see why eye creams won’t do the trick.   Undereye […]

New Botox for men website

Allergan, the makers of Botox – the injection that temporarily reduces wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes – just released a new Botox for Men website. Go ahead, take a look at the photo above. Study it.   Now put on your marketing “cap.” What demographic are they going after? More on that […]

Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift via GoPro!

We’ve posted a video of an upper and lower eyelid lift in our growing library of video content as seen through a head-mounted GoPro camera! The beauty of using a GoPro is that it provides a bird’s eye view from the surgeon’s perspective. No need to worry about getting that perfect angle or concern over the […]

Belly button piercing…be gone!

It seemed like a good idea at the time! Or maybe you were drunk? You and your bestie thought you’d be best friends forever and would forever sport your belly button piercing together? What, she’s not your best friend anymore? We all do things that we may regret one day but luckily belly button piercing […]

Liquid Rhinoplasty Cost

A commonly requested item nowadays is the liquid rhinoplasty or liquid nose job. This is when a patients wants to forego surgery but is interested in improved contours of the nose, albeit temporary. Contouring of the nose can be done with fillers like Juvederm or Belotero. And the first question after, “what’s a liquid rhinoplasty,” […]

A quick fix in plastic surgery!

Not everything in plastic surgery has to cost a fortune. Many of the bigger procedures like a facelift, breast augmentation or a tummy tuck may be more than you want to spend at this time but what if you have a mole or an old chicken pox scar?! Many people that were born in another […]

Botox vs Xeomin: Over a year of comparison

It’s been almost two years since Merz released their Botox competitor, Xeomin in the US. I’ve been using both products (Botox for years and Xeomin since it was released) and I can honestly give my opinion on which I prefer….both of them!   Between the ease of use, patient satisfaction, time of onset and length […]

The Fear of Up Selling a Patient

I sometimes run specials through a daily deal site or through my own website. While my practice is busy with current non-surgical and surgical patients (we have our own in-office operating room), I still find running specials is very helpful for meeting new patients (in the case of the daily deal sites) or re-engaging former […]

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