Liquid Rhinoplasty Cost

liquid rhinoplasty costA commonly requested item nowadays is the liquid rhinoplasty or liquid nose job. This is when a patients wants to forego surgery but is interested in improved contours of the nose, albeit temporary. Contouring of the nose can be done with fillers like Juvederm or Belotero. And the first question after, “what’s a liquid rhinoplasty,” is “how much does a liquid rhinoplasty cost!”


Pricing varies from doctor to doctor but often times, liquid rhinoplasty cost is a function of the filler used. For example, in my practice, Juvederm or Belotero, equivalent hyaluronic acid fillers cost $635, so a liquid rhinoplasty will cost $635. These types of fillers last up to a year but in the nose, this may vary.


What types of noses can be treated?


liquid rhinoplasty cost
Side view of a nose before and after Belotero filler injection

The ethnicity of the nose has a lot to do with the type of nose and how it’s treated. In my experience, middle eastern noses have a bump on the bridge or dorsum of the nose. While you can’t remove the bump, you can fill in the nose above or below the bump to give the nose a more streamlined appearance and camouflage the bump, as seen in these photos to the left.


liquid rhinoplasty cost
Note improved height and tip of nose



A typical request for the Asian nose is to transform a rounded tip to a more refined tip with greater definition. Often-times, the Asian nose has a lower bridge and the patient wants the top of the nose to be built up, as seen in these photos to the right. The tip of the nose can have the same dramatic result with filler as seen in the “worm’s eye” view of the nose below.


liquid rhinoplasty cost
Worm’s eye view showing improvement in the tip of the nose

While a liquid rhinoplasty is not for everyone, it’s an excellent temporary, surgery-avoiding option for those that are good candidates. Click here to find a plastic surgeon that offers this treatment, and its cost, near you.



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