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Supposedly this is a chicken pox scar on J. Lo’s cheek! Courtesy of chickenpoxscarstars.blogspot.com

Not everything in plastic surgery has to cost a fortune. Many of the bigger procedures like a facelift, breast augmentation or a tummy tuck may be more than you want to spend at this time but what if you have a mole or an old chicken pox scar?! Many people that were born in another country are unhappy with the smallpox scar on their arm.


These things don’t have to break the bank! Many patients have an unwanted “divot” in their face from an old chicken pox scar or a non-suspicious mole. Believe it or not, with a short visit to your plastic surgeon and a little local anesthesia, this can be easily treated and for very little cost. Since these cosmetic issues won’t be covered by insurance, it’s understandable that the consumer would be sensitive to cost.


While it’s difficult to estimate what every plastic surgeon will charge for a mole or scar removal, as long as it’s small, it could cost less than $500. But don’t call the doctor and ask how much it will cost! It’s near impossible to predict the cost over the phone without seeing the scar or mole “in person.” But definitely call and see if there’s a charge to be evaluated in order to answer that so elusive question, “how much does it cost!”


To find a plastic surgeon near you and how much they charge for a straightforward scar or mole removal, click here.






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