BuildMyBod Cyber Monday in the Cosmetic Surgery Times

Founder and CEO of BuildMyBod, Jonathan Kaplan MD, was featured in the recent issue of the Cosmetic Surgery Times. The article highlighted the use of BuildMyBod’s BuyNow online purchasing feature to allow consumers to purchase non-surgical services directly from Dr. Kaplan’s website during Cyber Monday.   While online purchases are always available throughout the year […]

The BuildMyBod Cost Estimator

Gone are the days of getting a healthcare service and not knowing your out-of-pocket costs before the bill shows up. Using the BuildMyBod cost estimator, you can find a doctor, their services and out-of-pocket costs before getting that service.   Considering that you can get estimated costs for pretty much anything online, healthcare should be […]

Price Transparency Software

Are you frustrated with the lack of price transparency in healthcare yet?! As a consumer, you’re not the only one annoyed with the difficulty in getting pricing information before you get your medical bill. Doctors and other providers are feeling quite inadequate due to their inability to help patients determine cost after the doctor has […]

BuildMyBod CEO speaking at ASAPS meeting today!

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) is hosting their annual meeting from May 14th to May 19th in Montreal. Today, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, the CEO/Founder of BuildMyBod will be presenting his results showing the effectiveness of doctors providing their pricing online.   These unprecedented statistics on the power of price transparency as a […]

Price of Healthcare vs Cost of Healthcare

A recent Reuters article discusses the huge disparity in prices for common surgical procedures such as hip and knee replacement. The article highlights a study by Blue Cross Blue Shield that is self-serving to say the least. It points out how doctors and insurers charge high prices for these procedures and, depending on the facility, […]

Nipple Reduction

I’m guessing most women don’t know that something can be done about it but there’s a relatively simple procedure for it. I’m talking about women that are embarrassed due to overly large nipples that show through clothing. Maybe the nipple was always large or enlarged after pregnancy but nipple reduction is a viable option for […]

Open Enrollment

Well, it’s that open enrollment time of year again! For those of you not sure, this is the one time of the year where you’re able to purchase or alter your current health insurance. It’s also the time of year when the insurance company notifies you that your existing insurance plan is no longer being […]

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