Brazilian Butt Lift: Implants vs Fat Injections

If you’re jealous of Kim Kardashian or just want a little more junk in your trunk, a buttock augmentation, or a Brazilian Butt Lift may be for you. For patients concerned about a deflated buttock, enlargement is appropriate. The two ways to enlarge the buttock is with implants or injections.   The Brazilian Butt Lift […]

Fat Injections to the Buttocks After Liposuction

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, everyone is looking to be booty-licious. This is actually a medical term. Just kidding. But the public’s interest to inflate or augment their buttocks is very real. I don’t know if it’s a sign of health or wealth the way big hips used to suggest fertility and other seemingly positive traits. […]

The Brazilian Butt Lift – To Lift or Inflate?

If you’re interested in buttock enhancement, you’ll notice a familiar name across the internet for the procedure you think you’re looking for – the Brazilian Butt Lift. Similar to how we often refer to laser lipo, it’s not always clear what is involved in laser lipo, or a Brazilian Butt Lift for that matter, and […]

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