Getting a narrow waist with liposuction

narrow waist

Sure losing weight and exercise is the responsible way to get a narrow waist. But what’s the fun in that?! If you work out and still can’t get the narrow waist you want, liposuction may be the answer. The best part is that you get so many other benefits with a narrow waist.   Liposuction, […]

Options in Lip Augmentation

Considering lip augmentation? Now that Kylie Jenner has popularized this trend, let’s talk about your options. You have permanent silicone lip implants and fillers on the market along with fat injections.   Lip augmentation: Fillers, lip implants and fat As seen in this photo above, lip implants are a great option. While these are performed under […]

Is the FDA taking away your right to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?!

As you may be aware, many patients are requesting fat injections  for a Brazilian Butt Lift and other treatments that reuse and recycle their own fat. Fat injections are a great way to use your own fat gathered through liposuction, which is then placed into the butt or face to plump up that area. In the […]

Why eye creams won’t remove your undereye bags

I know you don’t want surgery but when it comes to undereye bags, eye creams aren’t gonna do it! Of course you’re thinking that it’s no surprise a plastic surgeon is encouraging you to get surgery but when you understand what causes undereye bags, you’ll see why eye creams won’t do the trick.   Undereye […]

Never say these 5 things to your cosmetic surgeon

This recent article in the Cosmetic Surgery Times by one of my favorite reporters, Lisette Hilton, discusses five things doctors should never say to their cosmetic patients. As a followup, I’ve compiled a list of five things a patient should never say to their cosmetic surgeon!   “My last doctor did a terrible job” That […]

Lip Augmentation: The natural way!

According to the doctors over at Botched on the E! channel, lip augmentation is now the most requested celebrity feature. I guess the “most requested celebrity feature” is a revolving door with buttocks and noses!   Of course Kylie Jenner has galvanized this trend. And to think I defended her in this post, thinking she hadn’t […]

Brazilian Butt Lift via GoPro camera

We’ve posted another video in our growing library of video content as seen through a head-mounted GoPro camera! The beauty of using a GoPro is that it provides a bird’s eye view from the surgeon’s perspective.   A Brazilian Butt Lift can mean different things to different people but a growing consensus suggests that it […]

Brazilian Butt Lift Without Enough Fat

The Brazilian Butt Lift typically requires the liposuctioning of a large amount of fat from the abdomen, flanks, thighs and any other spot on the body and then injecting it into the buttocks for more volume. But not everyone has enough fat over their body to harvest and then inject to make a difference in […]

Brazilian Butt Lift: More popular than ever

The Brazilian Butt Lift – neither Brazilian and not necessarily a lift but more of an “inflation” – remains popular. Requests for information and pricing are increasing on the site, BuildMyBod. BuildMyBod is an online marketplace where patients can check pricing on various surgical and non-surgical procedures and even purchase non-surgical services and products.   A […]

Fat injections: Not just for a Brazilian Butt Lift anymore!

Fat injections have become very popular as of late because it’s the best treatment to enhance the buttocks as in a Brazilian Butt Lift. But fat can be your friend in other ways too! In addition to plumping the buttocks, fat can be used to fill a hole a line or a crease.   In […]

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