Brazilian Butt Lift: Implants vs Fat Injections

If you’re jealous of Kim Kardashian or just want a little more junk in your trunk, a buttock augmentation, or a Brazilian Butt Lift may be for you. For patients concerned about a deflated buttock, enlargement is appropriate. The two ways to enlarge the buttock is with implants or injections.


The Brazilian Butt Lift can be divided into 2 categories – auto-augmentation or implants. Auto-augmentation is just a fancy way of saying that the plastic surgeon uses your own tissue to augment, or enlarge your buttocks. And the most natural way to enlarge your buttock is to use your own fat. By undergoing extensive liposuction to harvest fat from your own tissues including the abdomen and thighs, fat can be collected in a sterile canister and injected back into your buttocks. While 50% of the fat does get reabsorbed over 6 months, what’s left is there to stay according to major schools of thought in the plastic surgery world. The cost of the butt lift using the fat injection technique already includes the cost of the liposuction. Patients are not typically charged extra for this.


brazilian butt lift


The alternative to get a Brazilian Butt Lift is through the use of implants. I’ve avoided this technique due to concerns about infection and worries about the implant coming through the incision. While the video below is shocking, I could have never imagined this as one of the potential risks!



There are other less legitimate and unsafe ways to enlarge your buttocks. You may have heard recent horror stories about patients getting industrial grade silicone injections into their buttocks. My best advice is 1) be sure your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon and 2) that the procedures are being done in an accredited facility, not a hotel room.


For additional information, be sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon and they will evaluate your buttock shape and discuss the best technique for you.



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