Before and After Photos [podcast]

before and after photos

Photography isn’t just for selfies! A very interesting field within photography is medical photography and of personal interest to me is the before and after photos of cosmetic surgery patients. It’s not a matter of just pointing and shooting.   Before and after photos, to get them right, takes real skill. In this episode of […]

Face transplant & breast reconstruction at Cleveland Clinic [podcast]

breast reconstruction

In this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we’re lucky enough to speak with a plastic surgeon extraordinaire! Steven Bernard is a plastic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic specializing in microsurgery. Through the use of precision instruments and an operating-room microscope, he is part of the team that performs breast reconstruction daily and also performed the world’s first, […]

Local vs General Anesthesia

Whether it’s because patients worry whether they’ll wake up or not, more and more patients want to avoid general anesthesia if possible during their cosmetic procedure. And they’re in luck because most of the time, we can accommodate them!   With the right combination of medications and experience level of the anesthesiologist, your procedure can […]

The 2015 ESPN Body Issue

If you haven’t seen it yet, you gotta check out the 2015 ESPN Body Issue here. I’ll be honest, apparently I’ve been living under a rock because while I’ve heard of the ESPN Swimsuit issue for years, I’ve never heard of the Body Issue and it’s been coming out annually since 2009.   The athletes’ […]

Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss

It’s very frustrating for patients to be overweight, have a surgical weight loss procedure like a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, then lose hundreds of pounds but still unable to fit into smaller clothes because of excess skin. Body contouring after massive weight loss allows those patients to finally fit into smaller clothes without the […]

Good work isn’t cheap, cheap work isn’t good!

As a developer of a price transparency platform, BuildMyBod, I recognize the importance of consumers knowing their healthcare costs before going to a consultation or before getting their medical bill. However, you shouldn’t base your entire decision on cost because good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good!   Sure you need to know […]

Time for plastic surgeons to look in the mirror?

I recently returned from a plastic surgery meeting with many of the leading plastic surgeons in the field. This particular meeting focused on cosmetic, not reconstructive, procedures. I’m talking about non-surgical services like Botox or fillers but also surgical procedures such as facelifts, eyelid lifts, breast augmentation and tummy tucks just to name a few. […]

How to hide your cosmetic surgery

A question on every cosmetic surgery patient’s mind is how to keep their secret of recent “work” from their coworkers. There’s no reason to be embarrassed if you want a nip or tuck but you don’t necessarily want everyone back at work knowing all of your business. So how do you hide the fact that […]

Dogma is a bad word in medicine

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the medical establishment is rethinking the whole perioperative period – that time before surgery when you’re starving because you can’t eat or the time after surgery when you’re nauseated, in pain and overloaded with fluid. Medicine is changing, and in this case, for the better.   […]

SurgiSculpting® – CoolSculpting after Surgery!

It’s official, we have our trademark for SurgiSculpting®! Don’t know what that is and how it’s different from CoolSculpting? Well, prepare to be schooled!   After any surgical procedure, you are taken to the recovery room to, well, recover. The first few minutes are critical to be sure you’re waking up and comfortable. But after those […]

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