Before and After Photos [podcast]

before and after photos
before and after photos
Pat Shoda, medical photographer at Cleveland Clinic

Photography isn’t just for selfies! A very interesting field within photography is medical photography and of personal interest to me is the before and after photos of cosmetic surgery patients. It’s not a matter of just pointing and shooting.


Before and after photos, to get them right, takes real skill. In this episode of the BuildMyBod Health podcast, we speak to Pat Shoda, a professional photographer with the Cleveland Clinic. She details the important aspects of taking good before and after photos and why it’s so important.


For example, if you’re doing a lower eyelid operation to fix the dark circles, you can’t have before and after photos with a flash because this can camouflage the extent of the dark circles. Similarly, you want to avoid the flash during the ‘before’ photo and a flash for the ‘after’ photo because you can’t be sure what has improved the dark circles – surgery or the flash.


This is important to plastic surgeons to practice their skill well but it’s also important for the consumer so they are informed, discerning individuals when evaluating the quality of a surgeon’s work on their website.


Pat has been at the Cleveland Clinic for over 30 years and is a wealth of knowledge. Check out the podcast below for pearls of wisdom regarding medical photography but also vacation photography!


Before and After Photos Podcast with Pat Shoda

For more information or questions about photography, you can find Pat Shoda on LinkedIn – just search Pat Shoda. Or send her a message through the comments sections on our show notes page at


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