Get Coveted Mommy Makeover Results…And Keep Them!

mommy makeover

Mommy Makeover transformations can dramatically change a patient’s confidence and lifestyle. Here’s my potentially not-so-controversial opinion: If you’re even remotely considering plastic surgery, think of that as the first step to a lifestyle change. Doing so will not only contribute to having spectacular results, but you’ll start instilling healthy habits to maintain those results long […]

International Medical Tourism: Death isn’t your biggest concern! [video]

medical tourism

There is no shortage of horror stories when it comes to medical tourism – traveling outside of the country for your medical care. Headlines abound of patient deaths from fat embolism, hypovolemic shock or overwhelming infections. And while death is obviously the worst complication, it’s not the main risk. Poor quality and cut rate procedures […]

Get cosmetic surgery and quit smoking…maybe

quit smoking

This recent article makes an incredibly interesting argument. That cosmetic surgery can lead patients to quit smoking! It’s not as far-fetched as you may think. It’s starts with the notion that smoking affects small blood vessels in healing skin.   Cosmetic surgery to quit smoking? If you’re a smoker, you know surgeons always say to avoid […]

Overnight stay after cosmetic surgery…necessary?

overnight stay

Often patients ask when they will be go home after their cosmetic surgery. I will explain that they’ll go home mid or late morning or early afternoon depending on the procedure. There’s a look of surprise in their face because they ask, “oh, the same day?!” And I explain that an overnight stay will not […]

Getting the best bang for your buck on cosmetic services

best bang for your buck

The holidays are over and you spent money on everyone around you. Now it’s time to treat yourself but you’re low on money after Christmas and Chanukah…am I right?! So here are a few non-surgical suggestions that will get you the best bang for your buck.   BOTOX®/XEOMIN® to the 11’s, forehead and crow’s feet […]

Consumers Believe in Price Transparency. So Should You!

The article below is being reposted in its entirety. To see the original in Modern Aesthetics magazine, click here.   As physicians pursuing cosmetic patients, we’ve become more marketing director than healthcare provider in some instances. It feels like we’re in a hamster wheel of marketing; spending money in an effort to get more traffic […]

Preoperative Clearance Before Cosmetic Surgery

During a consultation for a cosmetic procedure, we ask patients about their medical history. Diabetes. High blood pressure. Medications. If they have more than one major medical illness, we require preoperative clearance from their primary doctor or cardiologist. The patients, at least lately, are taken aback and aggravated that there’s another hoop they have to […]

4 Tips for marketing your cosmetic practice on a budget

Check out this excellent overview by Lisette Hilton of Cosmetic Surgery Times on the recent presentation by Dr. Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting. Reprinted in its entirety here: Marketing is an added cost in a cosmetic surgery practice that most other types of medical practices don’t have.   Marketing […]

Ok to shower after surgery?

If you’ve ever gone to the ER due to a cut face or finger, the usual instructions after getting your laceration sewn up is, “don’t get it wet!” Like many things in medicine, there is a good deal of dogma – recommendations that are often repeated but lacking any real supporting evidence. Why isn’t is […]

Never say these 5 things to your cosmetic surgeon

This recent article in the Cosmetic Surgery Times by one of my favorite reporters, Lisette Hilton, discusses five things doctors should never say to their cosmetic patients. As a followup, I’ve compiled a list of five things a patient should never say to their cosmetic surgeon!   “My last doctor did a terrible job” That […]

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