Discounts and specials? Sure. Bargaining? Absolutely not.

One of the reasons I’ve built a worldview that includes price transparency is because I recognized early on that everyone wants to know cost ahead of time.  So why make it difficult for them. No one likes sticker shock. But there’s another benefit of price transparency.   By knowing the cost ahead of time, the […]

Announcing the new BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience!

For physicians wanting to separate themselves from the competition, BuildMyBod Health has it all. Price transparency, lead generation, e-commerce and now Subscriptions. Through the BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience, consumers can purchase non-surgical services as a one-time purchase or through Memberships and Packages.   The BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience This experience encompasses all of the e-commerce […]

BuildMyBod Founder Speaking in San Diego

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will be making several presentations at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting (COSM 2017) and ASAPS Aesthetic Meeting next week/weekend in San Diego. Additionally, Dr. Kaplan will be on hand at Firm Media booth #947 to discuss how Firm Media has improved the digital marketing for his practice in San […]

Cyber Monday on BuildMyBod


I know it sounds strange but are you looking for any healthcare related deals on Cyber Monday?! You’ve come to the right place. BuildMyBod Health provides for price transparency but also the ability to purchase non-surgical services online. From the MRI your doctor told you to get to Botox and other cosmetic services.   How […]

Why we stopped doing Black Friday deals…well, sort of

When I came to San Francisco three years ago, I took over an existing practice in a large medical office building. The previous doctor retired and I made the decision to stay open when the building was open and close when the building was closed. After three years, the building continues to remain open on […]

Welcome Dr. Peter Karsant DDS!

We here at BuildMyBod Health want to give a shout out and grand welcome to our newest dentist joining our price transparency network – Dr. Peter Karsant!   Dr. Karsant is the latest healthcare provider that recognizes the importance of price transparency. As you can see here on his website, Dr. Karsant has incorporated the […]

Purchasing healthcare online: The next frontier

  As consumers shoulder greater responsibility for a portion of their healthcare via high deductible health plans (HDHP), they’ll start to be more discerning as to what they purchase. Back when most charges were covered by insurance, there was no incentive to make intelligent purchases. With more out-of-pocket expenses, the consumer has every reason to […]

The Fear of Up Selling a Patient

I sometimes run specials through a daily deal site or through my own website. While my practice is busy with current non-surgical and surgical patients (we have our own in-office operating room), I still find running specials is very helpful for meeting new patients (in the case of the daily deal sites) or re-engaging former […]

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