3 types of a Mommy Makeover [video]

mommy makeover

The term Mommy Makeover is thrown around quite a bit amongst plastic surgeons and patients considering the procedure. But what is it? At its most basic meaning, a Mommy Makeover is a procedure to the breasts and abdomen to give a woman back her pre-pregnancy body. But there are several variations as you will see […]

Should you buy your partner cosmetic surgery as a gift?

cosmetic surgery as a gift

With the holidays upon us, we’re under the gun to get a great gift for our husband or wife, or if we’re being PC, our partner. Your husband probably doesn’t want a tie and your wife doesn’t want a vacuum cleaner. In an attempt to think outside of the box, should you buy your partner […]

Periareolar breast lift [video]

periareolar lift

Depending on how much lift you need for your breasts after having kids, you may be a candidate for a periareolar breast lift. In the GIF above, this technique is great if your nipple is at or just below the fold under your breast. That fold is also referred to as the inframammary fold, or […]

A BBL can be tasteful – even in your 50’s!


I know the idea of a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL seems odd for someone in their 50’s. You automatically think of big booties from hip hop videos or Kim K. But when you really think about it, an “older” woman getting a BBL for a ptotic or droopy butt is no different than getting […]

Saggy breasts worse after breastfeeding or pumping?

saggy breasts

When you’re a plastic surgeon, “cocktail conversation” at a party can involve any and all topics. How much recovery do I need after a neck lift? Can you get rid of my cankles? Breast pumping, not breastfeeding, resulted in my saggy breasts! This particular party patron made the last comment as a matter of fact. I […]

The Perfect Mommy Makeover Body

mommy makeover

I know there are a lot of women out there that want a Mommy Makeover, but not everyone needs it. A mommy makeover typically includes a tummy tuck to remove excess abdominal skin and some sort of breast procedure. We’ll get into the specifics below.   Who’s a candidate for a Mommy Makeover? A patient […]

Follow Dr. Kaplan of BuildMyBod and PHPS on Spotify!

What’s got two thumbs and has great operating room-related playlists on Spotify? This guy! That’s right, Dr. Kaplan, AKA @realdrbae on Snapchat, founder of BuildMyBod Health and board certified plastic surgeon at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery has, with the help of his office staff, created seven playlists on Spotify that reflect the operation he’s performing […]

Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss

It’s very frustrating for patients to be overweight, have a surgical weight loss procedure like a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, then lose hundreds of pounds but still unable to fit into smaller clothes because of excess skin. Body contouring after massive weight loss allows those patients to finally fit into smaller clothes without the […]

Improve the shape of your breasts

With so many breast enhancement procedures, it’s hard to know what is best for you. Larger breasts are instinctive but don’t forget that improving the shape is the ultimate goal.   As can be in this “before” photo to the left, this patient has breasts that she would like to be fuller. However, if you […]

Avoiding the vertical scar in a breast lift

Unfortunately for many women, they aren’t a candidate for a straightforward breast augmentation and need a lift as well. So instead of simply making one small incision in which to insert the breast implant, they need additional incisions to remove excess skin and accomplish a breast lift (mastopexy) at the same time. Then the question […]

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