Improve the shape of your breasts

With so many breast enhancement procedures, it’s hard to know what is best for you. Larger breasts are instinctive but don’t forget that improving the shape is the ultimate goal.


breastsAs can be in this “before” photo to the left, this patient has breasts that she would like to be fuller. However, if you only make them larger with implants, the implant would be positioned in the upper portion of the breasts while the actual breast tissue would be sliding off the front of the implant. Not an attractive look!


That’s why it’s also important to focus on the shape of the breast and this is often done with a breast lift. As discussed in this post, a breast lift is the lifting of the breast by removing excess skin. This can be done with skin removal around the areola and along the under-portion of the breast.


breastsThe patient above had breast implants placed but the shape of her breasts were mostly improved with a breast lift as can be seen in this photo to the right. So while society has overly emphasized breast size, it’s important to remember that shape, and the possibility of a breast lift, may need to be in your future.


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