Should you buy your partner cosmetic surgery as a gift?

cosmetic surgery as a gift
cosmetic surgery as a gift
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With the holidays upon us, we’re under the gun to get a great gift for our husband or wife, or if we’re being PC, our partner. Your husband probably doesn’t want a tie and your wife doesn’t want a vacuum cleaner. In an attempt to think outside of the box, should you buy your partner cosmetic surgery as a gift?! It’s a double-edged sword.


Cosmetic surgery as a gift

If your spouse or significant other has expressed interest in a particular cosmetic procedure, then giving it to them as a “gift” is reasonable. But even if they said they wanted X, Y and Z, do they really want that for Christmas or Hanukkah? Keep in mind that this is the gift that results in pain and the need for recovery. Is that how they want to spend their holiday?


And if you purchase this gift for them, and they’re in pain, you’re on the hook as the caregiver. Is that how you want to spend your holiday?!


Be sure that’s really what they want. If this wasn’t an oft-talked about interest of theirs, they may take it the wrong way. They may be offended that you think they need this, that or the other.


An anecdote

I once had a childhood friend’s husband contact me about a breast lift for his wife. I’m sure he thought he was being thoughtful with this gift. And it would ultimately benefit both him and his wife. After discussing the procedure with him, I left the ball in his court. I never heard back except that I noticed years later they were divorced.


Was it the suggestion that she get cosmetic surgery? Or was the cosmetic surgery an attempt to spice things up in an already defunct marriage? We may never know but don’t take the offer of cosmetic surgery as a gift lightly. It could go south very quickly!


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