What’s your surgeon saying while you’re asleep?!

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surgeon sayingIt’s 8am and you’re about to go ‘under’ for your operation. Next thing you know you’re in the recovery room with no memory of what just happened. Was the operation a success? Will you be happy with the results? And most importantly, what was the surgeon saying while you were asleep?! Truth is, probably not much.


What’s your surgeon saying?

Speaking as a surgeon, during an operation, you’re focused on the task at hand. Picture the scene in the operating room. The anesthesiologist is at the head of the bed checking the monitors. The nurse is scurrying about making sure the surgeon and surgical assistant have what they need. The surgical assistant is holding retractors, making the surgeon’s job easier. Depending on whose operating room you’re in, there may be someone snapchatting your procedure (with the patient’s permission of course).


There’s music playing in the background. Maybe Howard Stern on SiriusXM satellite radio. Or someone’s choice of playlist. The OR team is talking about their past or future weekend. The anesthesiologist is chiming in. But at no time is the conversation about the patient in a gossipy or derogatory manner. If there is discussion directed toward the patient, it’s in regards to their safety or the procedure the patient is undergoing.


So there’s no reason to worry. While your well-being is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you’re also not the topic of conversation, in a good way!



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