Radiesse Filler for the Parentheses Lines and More!

When it comes to plastic surgery, remember that there are surgical and non-surgical treatments. Don’t assume that you can’t afford to go see a plastic surgeon because you think they only offer surgery. Maybe that was true a decade ago but with the advent of injectibles such as BOTOX® and fillers, there’s a lot you can do to treat signs of aging that won’t break the bank. As part of a blog series on injectibles, the term used to describe any treatment that can be injected into unwanted wrinkles or accentuate your best facial features, let’s start with Radiesse.


Radiesse is a calcium based filler that can be placed in the ‘parentheses lines’ that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth. While it can not be placed in the lips, it has been used to fill in depressions under the eyes that cause dark circles. It can also be injected along the cheek bones to provide a more youthful, fuller upper cheek.


Left: Before filler, patient had darker circles under the eyes. Right: After filler was injected under the lower lids, bringing the lids out from under the shadow of the eyes.


Radiesse is a white filler that may be painful if injected without local anesthesia. To avoid this pain, it’s best to use a local anesthetic like lidocaine/xylocaine and inject it inside the mouth around nerves, called a dental block, and this will numb the entire middle portion of the face where Radiesse is typically injected. You don’t want to inject the lidocaine/xylocaine directly into the area of treatment because that will temporarily fill in those lines, thus making it difficult to know where you need to place the filler. That’s why a regional injection, or dental block as described above is perfect. It numbs up the nerves very effectively which in turn numbs up the part of the face that will be receiving the Radiesse injections without confusing where the deep wrinkles are.


One of the great things about Radiesse is that it can last up to 2 years according to the FDA. This is in contrast to other popular fillers that only last 6-12 months. The other common question patients want to know is how much does it cost. Radiesse comes in 2 sizes – 0.8cc or 1.5cc – and the price ranges from $400 to $750 per syringe. Adequate treatment usually does not require any more than 2 of the larger syringes. For the cost near you, click here and click on the surgeon in your area.


If you’re looking for a qualified doctor to perform Radiesse injections and reverse those signs of aging, you can find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area by clicking here. And you may even find one that’s running a special on Radiesse!


Hope this helps.



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