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healthcareWhat’s the point of buying movie tickets online? You still have to go to the theater to see the movie so why not buy the tickets when you arrive? Because you want to avoid the lines, streamline the process of getting into the theater and pick a great seat. No one wants to miss the previews! So let’s streamline how you access your healthcare services too…with BuildMyBod’s online marketplace.


BuildMyBod is your online source to find a doctor, check the out-of-pocket costs for services you’re interested in, and in the case of a non-surgical service or product, purchase it online. If you purchase a product like a home whitening kit from a dentist in your area or a skin care product, those can be mailed to your door! In the case of a service like Botox or laser hair removal, you still have to go in to see the doctor or nurse but now you can avoid the check-in and check-out process!


See how it works!

To see how easy it can be to purchase your healthcare services online, check out this commercial currently running on San Francisco’s KRON 4 News Channel.


Currently, BuildMyBod features primary care doctors, OB/Gyn’s, dentists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons but we’ll be expanding into other fields such as lab testing and radiology. Find the cost of a test before you go in because chances are you haven’t met your deductible so you’ll be paying out-of-pocket. BuildMyBod…the Amazon of Healthcare!



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