Postop recovery on a budget

postop recovery

postop recoveryYou just had an expensive cosmetic procedure and now you’re ready for the aftermath, the postop recovery. There are two options here: buy everything and do everything the internet tells you or, watch the video below. There are good reasons to follow certain instructions for postop recovery but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Postop recovery on the cheap!

As the video below suggests, there are two options to accomplish each postop goal. When it comes to where you recover, sure, you can go to a postop recovery “house.” These can be expensive and the level of care is not always assured. You may be best simply going home and getting in your own bed initially. But don’t stay in bed too long. You should also get up and move around to avoid getting blood clots in the legs.


The other potential problem with a recovery house is they may do something different than what your doctor recommends. Whereas if you go home and do what your doctor tells you to do, there’s no one suggesting otherwise.


To buy a booty pillow or not to buy a booty pillow

There are many websites that sell booty pillows for your post-BBL recovery. The idea is that when sitting on a booty pillow, it keeps the pressure off the buttocks while recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift. The reason sitting directly on the buttock is supposedly bad is it hinders blood supply to the newly transplanted fat cells.


Rather than sitting on a booty pillow to reduce pressure, you can sit on anything that accomplishes this same goal. For example, you can take the decorative round pillow from your couch and place it under your thighs. This will provide the same result.


Check out the video below to see our perspective on a host of other recovery options.


Video: Keeping it real during your postop recovery



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