Postop recovery after breast augmentation

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postop recovery after breast augmentationSo you’re considering a boob job! Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding postop recovery after breast augmentation. Even though it’s a cosmetic, elective procedure, it’s still real surgery and needs to be “treated with respect.”


Postop recovery after breast augmentation: things to know

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure so you’ll be going home the same day. There’s nothing like recuperating in your own bed. Once you get home, feel free to take a nap. But no need to stay in bed and feel as though you’re sick. Obviously you’ll be in some pain but get up and get moving after a little rest.


You don’t want to stay in bed all the time. You risk getting blood clots in your legs which can lead to a pulmonary embolus. This is when remaining still leads to blood clots that then travel through the blood vessels to the heart and lungs. Blocking your heart and lungs can do bad things including death. So keep moving.


Showering and letting soap and water run over your breast incisions is a good idea as well. I know there are doctors that say not to get the incisions wet. But I feel like, how is not showering and sweating and letting your grime get over your fresh incisions a good thing?! You don’t have to scrub your incisions or submerge in water but nothing wrong with letting soap and water clean your incisions in the shower.


Once in the shower, get your arms above your head and wash your hair. This has less to do with your hair and more to do with getting your arms moving. Since your implants will likely be placed under the muscle, that requires the muscle to be cut. That results in muscle soreness. The sooner you start moving your arms and thus your cut chest muscles, the sooner that pain will go away.


Take your pain medication to stay ahead of the pain but don’t overdo it. Too much pain medication can lead to constipation. Opioid addiction is certainly a risk but constipation is the bigger problem.


Once you’re ready to move forward, find a doctor near you along with their pricing by clicking here. Good luck!



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