Now that Kylie is pregnant, can she still get lip fillers and Botox?!

kylie is pregnant

kylie is pregnantDo you think it’s ridiculous that I’m writing about Kylie Jenner? Or that this is the second time I’ve written about Kylie Jenner?! Well, before you answer that question, ask yourself why are you reading this post! But I will tell you why I’m writing about the fact that Kylie is pregnant. It’s because it’s a human interest story. It’s sort of scandalous and simply put, people read about it. And the purpose of this blog is to capture your attention, have you read what I’m writing and maybe you’ll peruse this website and check out some of the services and pricing on our website in the meantime. But now, let’s answer the question – can Kylie still get lip fillers and Botox while pregnant.


Kylie is pregnant, can she still get lip fillers?

First off, I don’t know whether Kylie gets Botox but we know she gets lip fillers. She’s admitted to it (and I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt here)! But for the purposes of this post, I’ll answer the question in general – can pregnant women still can get lip fillers and Botox?


No doctor will encourage you to get BOTOX® or XEOMIN®, injections that reduce facial wrinkles, while pregnant. It doesn’t mean those injections will affect your pregnancy but since there are no studies on the effects of BOTOX® and XEOMIN® on a pregnancy, no doctor can say for sure. And there will never be a study on the effects of those products on pregnancy. because no company wants to take the liability.


I will tell you however, that I have injected patients with BOTOX® or XEOMIN® when they didn’t realize they were pregnant. And the patient and their baby turned out fine. So while there’s no evidence of a problem in being injected with these products while pregnant, it’s impossible to say they’re safe. In other words, make an informed decision between yourself and your doctor.


As for fillers, I believe this is more straightforward. Botox is a toxin that does not naturally occur in the body. So it’s understandable that consumers would be wary of injecting this into their body during pregnancy. Fillers on the other hand are made up of compounds that are naturally occurring in the body. Hyaluronic acid, the compound found in Belotero and Juvederm, is naturally found in joints. So in summary, even though Kylie is pregnant, I still think she can get fillers!



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