What millennials want…and it’s not skin care!

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Millennials, the generation that followed Generation X and were born in the 80’s and 90’s (those in their 20’s and 30’s now) are known to be impatient and jonesing to change the world. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, that impatience extends to skin care (and thus why it’s a topic on this plastic surgery blog)!


Why millennials are shunning skin care products

Apparently millennials are less interested in skin creams that take longer to work. They’re looking for more immediate results. Several companies in the beauty business have decreasing profits and they feel it’s because this demographic is moving away from more expensive anti-aging creams that work over long periods of time, if they work at all. The focus on improving their appearance now is a result of how many more photos millennials take in the form of selfies or just photos in general that are posted to social media. By putting themselves in the glare of their own personal paparazzi, they want to look their best. And they don’t believe your grandmother’s Oil of Olay will do the trick. Which, by the way, Proctor & Gamble just eliminated a sixth of its Olay products according to the Wall Street Journal.


To gain these immediate results, they’re turning to “makeup, such as concealers and flesh-toned powders and creams, which give the appearance of sculpted cheekbones, nose and chin.” When it comes down to it, makeup can amazingly do what skin creams never could. Skin creams can’t give you higher cheekbones and they certainly can’t give you more cleavage the way makeup can! Check out this video below:


In my own practice, I’ve noticed that our Obagi skin care products are purchased almost exclusively by non-millennials – those 40 and older. But I don’t see me capturing more millennials by selling makeup. There’s just too many big-box and online retailers to compete with. But for those that still want skin care products among other non-surgical services, you can order it online here!



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