Men get liposuction too!

men get liposuction

men get liposuctionAs gender roles evolve in the work place and at home, there’s still a misconception about who can and can not get cosmetic surgery. In addition to other surgical and non-surgical services as discussed here, men get liposuction too!


Men get liposuction too!

Man’s resistance to getting cosmetic surgery may be a societal convention. They may assume that’s only for women. But it may also be something deeper. It is well known men are very non-compliant when it comes to getting check ups, such as prostate exams and colonoscopies. A fear of doctors or a sense of machismo may be the underlying cause. And that extends to procedures such as liposuction.


But once a man realizes they can get liposuction, it’s important to have reasonable expectations. As the photo above shows, liposuction can be great for removing unwanted subcutaneous fat. That’s the fat just under the skin. But as many men know, some fat is on the inside of the abdomen, around the intestines. This is called visceral fat. This is the fat that results in a “pot belly.” Unfortunately, liposuction can not address this area.


One additional benefit of liposuction in men is ab etching. This is the use of the liposuction cannula to purposely cause contour deformities in the skin such that it appears the man has a six pack! By removing even more fat just under the skin, it’s possible to further define the lines around and within the abdominal muscles, giving the appearance of abs.


Keep in mind that the use of liposuction should not be seen as an easy way out. Or as a means of weight loss. Liposuction is great for contouring the body and using the new you as motivation for a new lifestyle. One complete with a healthy diet and exercise.


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