Lifestyle Lift – Exposed!

If you’ve ever heard the saying, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. And so it goes with the Lifestyle Lift. The Lifestyle Lift is a national marketing company that promotes a “revolutionary approach” to restoring your face to it’s younger former self. The company is very vague as to what that revolutionary approach is and this is why.


lifestyle lift
Settlement with New York attorney general in 2009. Image courtesy of ABC News. Click image to see original story.


It’s not really a new operation they’re referring to. It’s not even a specific technique. The only thing revolutionary is how they market to consumers and how they push the envelope of safety when it comes to operating on unsuspecting consumers.  Lifestyle Lift enlists doctors (in the past, some of their doctors weren’t even surgeons until legal action forced them to do so), to be on their roll of participating doctors around the country. Through extensive marketing, they attract patients because the costs of surgery appear lower. Then, the day of surgery, the patient actually meets their surgeon and then the surgeon does whichever face-lifting technique they choose (there’s not a trademarked procedure that the Lifestyle Lift uses). Most importantly, to keep costs down, the doctors perform the procedure in a basic office exam room, not a widely recognized fully accredited surgery facility. And not only that, they don’t use general anesthesia. Again, to keep costs down they use local anesthesia so you’re awake for the whole procedure.


At this point, you may be asking yourself how they can they do this without getting in trouble. Well, they have gotten in trouble with the authorities and continue to get into trouble. You can read here how they recently had to settle with the Florida attorney general on accusations of deceptive marketing, similar to another deal they made with the New York attorney general in 2009. In the New York settlement, they agreed to stop posting fake reviews on the Internet!


So when you’re looking to have surgery on your face, this is not the time to find the cheapest deal in town. Look for a board certified plastic surgeon here and if you’re worried about price, you can find total cost estimates on surgery here. Even if surgery with a plastic surgeon is more expensive than you were planning on spending, keep in mind that if you choose a non-plastic surgeon that operates in a non-accredited facility for a very low price, you may spend more in the long run on redo operations and complications that may occur after having surgery in less than optimum conditions.


But you may never find this blog post if you Google Lifestyle Lift! When you search Lifestyle Lift, you’ll notice none of the negative reviews or articles written about Lifestyle Lift appear on the first page. It appears that Lifestyle Lift has paid SEO consultants to defend their reputation so that with a quick glance by a patient researching the procedure, Lifestyle Lift comes up roses. So you have to ask yourself, what are they hiding!


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