Kasey Baldwin Thompson: Nurse Practitioner

nurse practitioner

nurse practitionerI had the pleasure of speaking with Kasey Baldwin Thompson, a nurse practitioner in Rayville, Louisiana. She’s married to one of our previous guests, Addison Thompson. You can hear his interview on the BuildMyBod Health podcast here. But Kasey is her own person and very accomplished in her own right.


Not only has she gone through the rigorous training to become a nurse practitioner, she’s evolved into an unlikely role of IT (information technology) expert as part of her job in Delhi, Louisiana! It wasn’t part of her original plan but it just shows how when you’re smart, you can acclimate to any role.


Aside from her professional responsibilities, she’s also a mother of two. It’s especially sweet to hear her talk about how delayed she is on her way to work in the morning because she can’t quit kissing her kids goodbye! But maybe the only thing harder than raising two children with her husband is implementing ICD-10 into the electronic documentation system at work! Listen to the podcast below to understand what she’s up against!


Being a nurse practitioner on the BuildMyBod Health Podcast


Listen to more of the BuildMyBod Health Podcast by clicking here.



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