Introducing Status QUOTE!

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We’re excited to tell you about our newest feature on the BuildMyHealth platform:


Status QUOTE!


Just like you, we’re in the trenches, always trying to improve upon our processes to address pain points in managing a busy office.


Here are two pain points we’ve noticed when patients come in for their consultation:


  1. 1. Before going over pricing with the patient, our staff has to create a new quote from scratch
  2. 2. There’s a risk of creating a quote with incorrect pricing information


Now, we have a solution for both!


How does it work?

When patients call your office asking for pricing (insurance-based or cash pay), your staff can use the Status QUOTE system to create a quote for the patient. This quote is automatically saved and price estimates can be emailed directly to the patient once it is created.


Other great benefits

  • -Additionally, Status QUOTE works seamlessly with the BuildMyHealth Price Estimator or chatbot on your website.


  • -Consumers who receive automated estimates from your BuildMyHealth pricing database after entering their contact info, will also have their estimates saved in Status QUOTE for your staff to reference.


  • -When patients come in for their consultation, instead of starting a new quote from scratch, your staff can retrieve their existing quote, make adjustments (as needed), and immediately download a price sheet for the patient that includes your branding!


  • -Not only does this process save time, but when using Status QUOTE, you’ll be “pulling” procedures and pricing directly from your BuildMyHealth pricing database and minimizing the risk of providing an incorrect quote. We can finally say goodbye to the days of manually filling out a quote worksheet!

But there’s more!

Our system also allows you to track the cost per lead, the cost per consultation and the cost per booking. All in all, our system provides an end-to-end solution for quotes before and after the consultation.


Status QUOTE can also determine out-of-pockets costs specific to a patient’s insurance plan and perform real-time eligibility verification!


So what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo or sign up and get started building your profile today!


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