Dr. Bae with Dr. Miami of Snapchat Fame!

Dr. MiamiCheck out Snapchat today and follow @realdrbae AKA Dr. Jonathan Kaplan or @therealdrmiami AKA Dr. Michael Salzhauer. They’ll be working together in Miami at Dr. Miami’s office. Dr. Kaplan is in Miami learning from one of the most recognized plastic surgeons in the world with over 2,000,000 followers on social media!


What’s up with Dr. Miami?

What does Dr. Kaplan hope to learn? The latest in Brazilian Butt Lift techniques and reaching his growing audience on social media, in particular, Snapchat and Instagram. Giving a patient a narrow waist with liposuction and then a fuller derriere with fat injections to the buttocks is all the rage right now.






Dr. Miami
Dr. Miami…Courtesy of emaze.com

With such a large following on social media, Dr. Miami is busier than ever. And with practice comes perfection! The reach he has amassed is unprecedented particularly in the plastic surgery and healthcare space. But Dr. Miami can only be in Miami. He needs a representative on the West Cost and why not San Francisco?!


As you may know, in social media circles, ‘bae’ means honey or baby or boo, all slang for that special person in your life. Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, referring to Dr. Kaplan as Dr. Bae is only natural. Sure it may be a little gangsta but check out his Bae chain above!


Interested in a consultation with Dr. Bae in San Francisco? First check out his pricing on BuildMyBod – your source for accurate pricing on healthcare services!



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