A decrease in breast augmentation? Not good for Victoria’s Secret!

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's SecretYahoo News just published this article about the changing trends in breast shape and who that affects. Apparently the day of the “bodacious bonzos” are a thing of the past! More women are going for a more natural attainable look. With less need for highly structured bras versus simple bralettes, competition is heating up for Victoria’s Secret.


The natural look and how that affects Victoria’s Secret

Based on numbers from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation procedures have dropped from approximately 331,000 to 279,000 over the last three years. With more women going for a more attainable look, they don’t need the same expensive bras. According to the Yahoo article, with a shift towards bralettes which are easier to make, that means more competition from other manufacturers.


Whether the Victoria’s Secret shares are dropping because of lower breast augmentation rates or more competition, is up for debate. But there’s no question women are considering different looks and options. According to Vogue UK, which you may be surprised that I do not read, the cleavage is no longer fashionable.


In my practice, women are requesting “more natural” shaped implants as seen in the photo above. So while this more natural look may affect Victoria’s Secret, it will also affect plastic surgeons. The question is whether fewer women will continue to get breast augmentations or will they just transition from round to shaped implants for a more natural look.


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