Is cosmetic surgery taboo? Not anymore!

cosmetic surgery taboo
cosmetic surgery taboo
The taboo surrounding cosmetic surgery is fading. Patients proudly post their results online.

There are many myths surrounding cosmetic surgery. Everyone used to think it was only for rich people. Then Congress considered a tax on cosmetic surgery, only to realize it would mostly affect middle class women. That’s not the group you want to tax during an election year! And many consider cosmetic surgery taboo. That it shouldn’t be discussed in public. Social media is changing that!


Cosmetic surgery taboo? Not anymore

While not everyone wants their cosmetic surgery broadcast on social media, many patients don’t mind. Regardless of whether their face is obscured, patients are more open to paying it forward and educating the next person considering a cosmetic procedure.


An even more blatant example of shaking off the taboo assumptions about cosmetic surgery, patients are posting their very un-anonymous results on social media! The photo above was posted by the patient to show his before (on the right) and after (on the left) results.


As in the example below, patients not only describe their procedure, they also name their surgeon! Patients are making big decisions when it comes to surgery. They often discuss their decision-making process with the online community. And when they’re happy with that decision, they want to share it with everyone. This in turn encourages the next person to take their own steps to improve their self-confidence and overall well being.


cosmetic surgery taboo


Would you share your results online?



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