Cleavage: It drives men crazy!

Naturally narrow cleavage before and after breast augmentation

While it may seem surprising, some women aren’t looking for larger breasts when they request breast augmentation. They’re actually looking for a more well-defined cleavage.


As long as you have reasonable expectations, breast augmentation can in fact improve the appearance of your cleavage but it all depends on what you started with! You see, breast augmentation provides projection of your existing breast tissue. It doesn’t necessarily bring your breasts closer together.


So if your breasts are widely separated naturally, then breast augmentation won’t provide more cleavage. Some patients may want implants inserted more closely together to give them a deeper cleavage but if your doctor places the implants too close together in someone that already has widely separated breasts, it can narrow the cleavage (what they want) but make the nipples splay outwards (not what they want)!


On the other hand, if your breasts are naturally close together, breast augmentation will provide more projection and a deeper, naturally narrow cleavage. So what’s a girl to do if her breasts aren’t naturally close together? They can still get breast augmentation to provide greater projection but a push-up bra will be responsible for pushing the breasts closer together. Check out this other option for obtaining a nice cleavage non-surgically!


Instant Non-surgical Cleavage!


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