Chin Implant Surgical Video

chin implant
Chin implant courtesy of Implantech

Questions about getting a chin implant? Well seeing is believing and hopefully understanding too. In the video below you’ll see how your plastic surgeon can place a chin implant with minimal pain and a short incision.


Under deep sedation or general anesthesia, your doctor can make an incision just behind your chin so the “cut” is hidden. After making a pocket for the chin implant, a sizer is placed to see what size implant is best for you – extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. The patient in the video went with a medium implant…didn’t want her looking like Jay Leno with a large implant!


While it’s possible to have temporary numbness to the lower lip after a chin implant, this will resolve. There was more risk of permanent nerve damage in the past when placing the chin implant through the inside of the mouth. However, with the refinement of newer techniques and placing the incision through the skin rather than the inside of the mouth, the implant rests comfortably below the nerves.


Chin Implant and Augmentation via GoPro Video


If you’re interested, you can check pricing on chin augmentation here.



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